Fujiko Takamura

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A novel class of biphenyl analogues containing a benzoic acid moiety based on lead compound 8i have been identified as potent and selective human beta 3 adrenergic receptor (beta 3-AR) agonists with(More)
The left-hand side (LHS) and central part of our first generation biphenyl (FGB) series was modified to improve in vitro and in vivo beta3-AR potency without loss of oral bioavailability. First, in(More)
As an extension of research conducted on beta(3)-adrenergic receptor agonists as potential drugs for treating overactive bladder (OAB), novel series containing an acylsulfonamide moiety instead of(More)
We designed a series of benzoic acid derivatives containing the biphenyl ether or biphenyl template on the RHS and a phenylethanolaminotetraline (PEAT) skeleton, which was prepared by highly(More)
As an extension of research, we have investigated modification of left-hand side (LHS) of biphenyl analogues containing an acylsulfonamide moiety in the development of potent and selective human(More)
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