Fuhuan Chen

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The stability of the fuel burning in the boiler determine the safety , reliable and effective operation of the boiler, and therefore real-time detection of flame in the furnace , derived the temperature from the radiation wavelength, through computer systems to achieve application logic judgment , achieve real - time monitoring and real-time processing. It(More)
Freescale single-chip microcomputer intelligent vehicle uses the 9S12XS128 processor S12 of environment, can for its realization of intelligent vehicle, and to improve the intelligence of the intelligent car safety, reliability, improve the efficiency of the system. You have to have stable hardware system and software system, this paper of exquisite of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the phenotypic changes of epidermal stem cells (ESCs) differentiating into sweat glands cells (SGCs) in vitro and its mechanisms. METHODS ESCs and SGCs were isolated and cultured in vitro, which were identified using immunofluorescence staining. ESCs at passage 2 were divided into 4 groups: ESCs and SGCs co-cultured by Transwell(More)
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