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To address training of process neural networks based on the orthogonal basis expansion, a double chains quantum genetic algorithm based on the probability amplitudes of quantum bits is proposed. In this method, the probability amplitudes of each qubit are regarded as two paratactic genes, each chromosome contains two gene chains, and each of gene chains(More)
For training of process neural networks based on the orthogonal basis expansion, it is difficult to converge for BP algorithm as more parameters. Aiming at the issue, this paper proposes a solution based on quantum genetic algorithm with double chains. Firstly, the number of genes is determined by the number of weight parameters, quantum chromosomes are(More)
A B-spline kernel combined with RBF is developed, a mixed kernel is obtained. By analyzing the structure of the logging signal characteristics, the method is used to automatically identify the water-flooded status of oilsaturated stratum. The experimental results show that the mixed kernel has high recognition accuracy with the advantages of the short(More)
Depth correction of logging curves is an important part of the logging research, matching curve is the key to the depth correction. This paper presents an effective method for depth correction of logging curves based on LTS Hausdorff distance. In this method, after determining standard curve segment, the position of best contrast curve segment is calculated(More)
A quantum neural networks model with learning algorithm is presented. First, based on the information processing modes of biology neuron and quantum computing theory, a quantum neuron model is presented, which is composed of weighting, aggregating, activating, and prompting. Secondly the quantum neural networks model based on quantum neuron is constructed(More)
An arithmetic based on wavelet transform and process SVM ( Support Vector Machine ) for automatically identifying logcurve formation is proposed. Wavelet transform can transform any log-curve to space vector which the experiment system requires, then use the theory of process SVM automatically to identify log-curve. The results of experiment indicate this(More)
Focusing on the users is more interested in the sequential patterns that accord with the well completion business process habit overall in the web access mode of well completion mobile platform. This paper proposed a weighted sequential pattern mining algorithm based on the well completion business process. With analyzing the business process models and web(More)
To enhance the optimization ability of quantumbehaved particle swarm optimization algorithm, some improvement measures are proposed. First, we propose a encoding approach based on qubits described on Bloch sphere. This approach makes each particle contain three groups of Bloch coordinates of qubits, and all three groups of coordinates are regarded as(More)