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Typically, the Electromechanical Impedance (EMI) technique does not use an analytical model for basic damage identification. However, an accurate model is necessary for getting more information about any damage. In this paper, an EMI model is presented for predicting the electromechanical impedance of a cracked beam structure quantitatively. A coupled(More)
Electro-mechanical impedance (EMI) sensing technique based on smart piezoelectric materials has emerged as a potential tool for the implementation of an online monitoring system for structural health monitoring. Many nondestructive methods have limited capabilities in monitoring of the rubber aging in a continuous manner. In this study, the feasibility of(More)
The process of liquid spread and the process of evaporation and diffusion were combined together by the law of conservation of mass. The dynamic evaporation and diffusion model of petrol is proposed. The Stam method can used to simulate the gas diffusion, but it has the shortcoming of large numerical dissipation and it can't perform the detail of diffusion(More)
The large liquid-propellant rocket used for the aerospace or weapons systems are generally in service for more than ten years. In its full life cycle, the comprehensive performance evaluation is of great significance. The collection and usage of the massive quality information of the large-scale liquid-propellant rocket is the foundation of the evaluation.(More)
This paper presents an electro-mechanical impedance (EMI) model for damage identification of thin plate structures. Firstly, a damaged thin plate with a pair of piezoceramic (PZT) transducers bonded on the opposite sides is considered. And the pure bending vibration of the plate actuated by the PZT patches is analyzed. Then, a method which combines the(More)
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