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The Cauchy problem for a strongly degenerate quasilinear equation
We prove existence and uniqueness of entropy solutions for the Cauchy problem for the quasilinear parabolic equation $u_t = \div \, \a(u,Du)$, where $\a(z,\xi) = \nabla_\xi f(z,\xi)$, and $f$ is aExpand
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Existence and uniqueness of a solution for a parabolic quasilinear problem for linear growth functionals with $L^1$ data
We introduce a new concept of solution for the Dirichlet problem for quasilinear parabolic equations in divergent form for which the energy functional has linear growth. Using Kruzhkov's method ofExpand
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Local and nonlocal weighted $p$-Laplacian evolution equations with Neumann boundary conditions
In this paper we study existence and uniqueness for solutions of the nonlocal diffusion equation with Neumann boundary conditions
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The total variation flow
We summarize in this paper some of our recent results about the Minimizing Total Variation Flow, which have been mainly motivated by problems arising in Image Processing. First, we recall the roleExpand
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Estudio mediante FTIR-HATR del proceso de degradaciÓn termooxidativa de elastÓmeros nitrílicos
En este trabajo se han estudiado, mediante la tecnica FTIR/HATR (espectroscopia de infrarrojo con transformada de Fourier utilizando un accesorio horizontal de Reflexion Total Atenuada), los cambiosExpand
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Antioxidantes derivados de la p-fenilendiamina en elastómeros NBR: Estudio del mecanismo de degradación termooxidativa
El objetivo del estudio es determinar la influencia del antioxidante IPPD (N-isopropil-N�-fenil-p-fenilendiamina) en elastomeros NBR, cuando se someten a procesos de degradacion termooxidativa a 140Expand
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Limited flux diffusion equations
We summarize in this paper some of our recent results on limited flux diffusion equations. These equations have been introduced to correct the infinite speed of propagation predicted by the classicalExpand