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A new approach to construct a reagentless enzyme biosensor is described. Based on multilayer horseradish peroxidase in a self-assembled monolayer configuration, the biosensor was constructed using multilayer thionine covalently tethered to the enzyme as an electron-transfer mediator. The multilayer enzyme and the multilayer mediator were stepwisely(More)
DNA microarrays are used to profile changes in gene expression between samples in a high-throughput manner, but measurements of genes with low expression levels can be problematic with standard microarray substrates. In this work, we expand the detection capabilities of a standard microarray experiment using a photonic crystal (PC) surface that enhances(More)
Asymmetric 2D photonic crystals were fabricated using polymer embedded PbS quantum dots on plastic substrates for enhancing optical down conversion efficiency from blue to near infrared wavelengths through enhanced extraction and excitation effects. We demonstrate 8x improvement of QD emission at normal incidence extraction from enhanced extraction and 2.5x(More)
The design, fabrication, and characterization of an integrated 2D photonic crystal stack are described for application as optical filters with improved optical density and angle tolerance compared to single photonic crystal slabs. The 2D photonic crystals are designed as polarization independent reflectance filters with a narrow spectral bandwidth centered(More)
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