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Transform Domain Communication System (TDCS) has been proposed as a new candidate applied in the cognitive radio (CR) environment since it can avoid existing users or jammers intelligently over a given bandwidth. The TDCS achieves noise-like property and orthogonality characteristic by generating a PR phase vector through a random phase coding processing.(More)
This paper proposes a approach to regulate both position and contact force of lower limbs rehabilitation robot for patients with walking disabilities. The methodology is developed based on the sliding mode impedance control with adaptive switching gain. The stability of the control system is proved in theory, which ensures the tracking performance in the(More)
Wireless Body Area Networks is an application of wireless sensor network that is used in health monitoring. The wireless sensor nodes are either placed inside or on the body and collected the physiological data. In this paper we discuss about location based TOA algorithm for wireless UWB sensor notes in the body area. We measured the TOA ranging error in a(More)
This paper provides a positioning and tracking method for UWB signal sources. The time of arrival (TOA) and direction of arrival (DOA) of UWB signal sources are estimated by the low complexity array signal processing. A robust tracking algorithm based on the extended H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> filter is presented to estimate the moving targets location and(More)
To the patients with neurological injury or with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury, a gait rehabilitation exoskeleton can reproduce the motion of the user limbs and help to relearn and recover the motion of their limbs. This motion helps in the formation of user new neural path-ways to relearn to walk. In this paper, an exoskeleton type robot-assisted(More)
This paper deals with the problems of estimation of directon of arrivals (DOA) and tracking of the ultra-wideband (UWB) signals. The UWB pulse position modulation signals from the moving targets incident on antenna elements in the presence of white Gaussian noise, a frequency domain MUSIC algorithm is proposed to estimate the DOA of the multiple moving(More)
According to the problem on tracking planning of mobility assistance robot, a tracking planning method was presented using the kalman filter (KF). Based on known nonholonomic dynamic model of mobility assistance robot, the cubature kalman filter (CKF) was used to improve the influence of nonlinear system, and the autonomous navigation and control of(More)
In the past, assistive robots are used to assist people with physical disabilities through physical interaction and improve the independence and quality of life of persons with disabilities. In this paper, a fuzzy proportional integral derivative controller is proposed which can be tuned by carrying the tuning rules from fuzzy domain. It has been applied(More)
This paper proposes a robust control for a two-wheeled intelligent wheelchair using H-infinity (H<sub>&#x221E;</sub>) control scheme in the presence of uncertainties. An optimal H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> controller design is given based on an iterative linear matrix inequality algorithm, which is robust to variance of the motor dynamics, sensor noise, and(More)
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