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Ecological land is one of the key resources and conditions for the survival of humans because it can provide ecosystem services and is particularly important to public health and safety. It is extremely valuable for effective ecological management to explore the evolution mechanisms of ecological land. Based on spatial statistical analyses, we explored the(More)
At the turn of the 21st century, with the fast development of science, technology, and social economy represented by information technology, great changes have taken place in the business environment. As a new organizational model, network organization exhibits its tremendous vitality. Focusing on the strategic resource of network organization—human(More)
In the age of globalization, the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industries has attracted great attention from both academicians and practitioners, as it certainly has great implications for the development of China and, even further, for the development of the whole world. To address this issue, the study clarifies the effects of the internal(More)
The industrial sector is a major contributor to resource consumption and environmental pollution in China. The energy-intensive industrial development and energy structure are dominated by coal, which has produced an enormous amount of industrial pollutants in China, and put great pressure on the ecological environment. Hence, improving the performance of(More)
the global value chain dominated by multinational corporations has become an important form of economic globalization. In global value chain, the relation between upstream enterprises and downstream enterprises is a key for us to understand economic globalization. In this paper a game model analyzing the relation of upstream and downstream enterprises is(More)
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