Fubin Zhang

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In this paper, we address the solution of solving the following problem: given a known workspace and a robot with limited sensors compute a short path for the vehicle so that every space in the workspace could be detected by the limited sensor of mobile robot on at least one point of the path. Visibility constraints including range of distance and angle of(More)
Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a central and complex problem in robot research community. In SLAM, extended Kalman filter (EKF) implementation is widely used to localize the robot and build the environment map incrementally. In this paper, we propose a strong tracking filter (STF) SLAM algorithm. This algorithm applies STF to deal with the(More)
A ballistic missile is one of the main targets of space target defense and often has an established trajectory. As the target, we are only interested in its trajectory. The intercepting missile, as a defense body, controls itself toward the target according to the target state observed information and the control strategies in real time. So, the kinematic(More)
Searching the unknown or partially known region or acquiring the new information in the map is an important mission for vehicle in the areas of military and civilian use. Planning the lowest-cost path is one of the primary work for searching the environment. This paper develops a planning strategy which could minimize the cost and every corner in the map(More)
When multiple unmanned underwater vehicles(UUV) are in close proximity, only a few of multiple UUVs are equipped with high precise proprioceptive localization sensors and others can but be equipped with low precise ones for the reason of cost. Though rough localization can be achieved by a dead-reckoning(DR) system, the latter can acquire measurement(More)
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