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Launch-Off-Capture (LOC) and Launch-Off-Shift (LOS) are the two main test schemes for at-speed scan delay testing. In [1, 2], authors proposed a comparison between LOC and LOS, showing that LOS has higher performance than LOC in terms of fault coverage and test length, but higher peak power consumption during the launch-to-capture cycle. This shows the(More)
Types of vehicle rollovers can be classified into two categories: untripped and tripped. Untripped rollovers are relatively rare events resulting from high lateral friction forces between the tires and road. Tripped rollovers are the result of lateral forces caused by the tire or wheel digging into the road or ground or from striking a curb or other(More)
A switched-capacitor technique for realization of one bit serial A/D converter is presented. A conversion accuracy that is higher than 15 bits can be expected from its integrated realization. Results of simulation are presented. It is shown that arithmetic operations on bit serial signals are possible. Using arithmetic operations on deltamodulated signals,(More)
With the rapid penetration of photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected system in industrial and commercial application, it is critical to improve the efficiency and enhance the utilization of PV power generation system. This paper proposes a flexible five-level topology based on cascaded multi-level inverter for PV grid-connected system. By adding a bidirectional(More)
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