Fuat Laloğlu

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INTRODUCTION Dilated cardiomyopathy is usually idiopathic and may arise secondary to infections or metabolic or genetic causes. Another rare cause is hypocalcaemia. Owing to the fact that calcium plays an essential role in excitation and contraction of myocardial muscle, myocardial contractility may decline in patients with hypocalcaemia. MATERIALS AND(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate relationship between anthropometric values of premature babies with their's glucose, insulin, leptin, and ghrelin at birth and on day 15. METHODS We analyzed fasting and postprandial glucose, insulin, leptin, and ghrelin levels at birth and on day 15 in babies born prematurely between 24 and 37 weeks, and who did not have serious(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was performed to examine the effectiveness and safety of oral sildenafil and inhaled iloprost in term newborns with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). PATIENTS AND METHODS Oral sildenafil and inhaled iloprost were administered to 27 and 20 neonates, respectively, for treatment of persistent pulmonary(More)
Hepatitis B vaccination can prevent hepatitis B virus infection and its serious consequences, including liver cancer and cirrhosis. Serious side effects reported after receiving hepatitis B vaccination are very uncommon. A majority of the ophthalmological complications seen following hepatitis B vaccination consist of vision loss, optic neuritis, papillary(More)
Objective To evaluate macular structure in childhood due to their birth history, and analyse possible effects of prematurity and birthweight for gestatinonal age. Methods Children who were between five and 18 years old age were divided into the following three groups due to their birth histories: Patients who were preterm (Preterm: Group 1), full-term and(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have shown that the underlying pathophysiologic mechanism in children with breath holding may be generalised autonomic dysregulation. Thus, we performed cardiac rhythm and heart rate variability analyses using 24-hour Holter monitoring to evaluate the cardiac effects of autonomic dysregulation in children with breath-holding spells.(More)
OBJECTIVE Coeliac disease is a chronic disease and is common all over the world. It has many other associated systemic side effects. This study investigated the effect of paternal and maternal silent coeliac disease on birthweight and gestational age in newborns. METHODS The study group consisted of 81 newborns who were hospitalized for prematurity or(More)
OBJECTIVE Newborn infants, particularly preterm infants, are at greater risk of oxidative stress because of an imbalance between high oxidant loads and immature antioxidant defenses. In several studies, the activities of serum paraoxonase (PON) and arylesterase (ARE) have been found to decline in patients under increased oxidative stress. We investigated(More)
Hemodynamically significant ductus arteriosus (hsPDA) may alter organ perfusion by interfering blood flow to the tissues. Therefore, in infants with hsPDA, hypoxia occurs in many tissues. In this study, we aimed to investigate the diagnostic significance of serum (ischemia-modified albumin) IMA levels as a screening tool for hsPDA, and its relation to the(More)
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