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As in the foundation and principles for complex process science and engineering, a major problem is the lack of formal specification language to treat the dynamics of modeling complex processes with its simulations, emulations and enactments. This paper defines a formal specification language which allows integrating the complex thinking with software(More)
The foundation for network process evolution research is the modeling of network structure and behavior complexity. With such a model, network systems can be directed toward acquiring good maintainability attributes according to the principles of engineering. In this paper, a Process Management Network (PMN) model is developed to acquire directly from the(More)
The complexity of today's world reflects and is reflected on society's lifestyle, space and productive structure, the economy, and in technological processes. In this perspective, the essence of a social glance should not focus exclusively in humanities, but in a new type of engineering of cooperation networks. The identification and modeling of process(More)
As the growth in value and importance of the software component in virtually all industrial products accelerates, the efficiency with which software is constructed, and its quality, become vital for the entire industry — high technology or not. In response, new concentrated efforts have been recently created in Europe, Asia, North and South America,(More)
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