Fuad Ahmad Hazime

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Single Limb Stance under visual and proprioceptive disturbances is largely used in clinical settings in order to improve balance in a wide range of functional disabilities. However, the proper role of vision and proprioception in SLS is not completely understood. The objectives of this study were to test the hypotheses that when ankle proprioception is(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic non-specific low back pain is a major socioeconomic public health issue worldwide and, despite the volume of research in the area, it is still a difficult-to-treat condition. The conservative analgesic therapy usually comprises a variety of pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve(More)
OBJECTIVES The purposes of this study are to assess the relationship of the center of pressure (CoP) displacement parameters along the mediolateral and anteroposterior axes to whole-body oscillations about the vertical axis during single or double leg upright stance and to determine whether sensory deprivation and stance modify balance stability about the(More)
Study Design Clinical measurement study. Background Ankle sprain is a common condition. Therefore, translated, culturally-adapted and clinimetrically-tested instruments for measuring the ankle are needed. Objectives To cross-culturally adapt the sports athlete foot and ankle score (SAFAS) and the global rating of change (GROC) into Brazilian-Portuguese.(More)
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