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In many studies in which the relationship between blood pressure and blood lead level has been examined, investigators have found significant--but small--associations. There was only one previous report of a significant association of blood lead with blood pressure in pregnant women. We measured blood lead level and sitting blood pressure of 1,627 women in(More)
The aim of this study was to validate 109Cd-based K-shell x-ray fluorescence measurements against atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) measurements of core and surface tibia lead. The lead content of nine adult human cadaver tibiae was measured using 109Cd-based K-shell x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry and the results compared to measurements obtained(More)
This study aimed to quantify the accuracy and precision of a method for in vivo measurements of lead in bone using L-shell x-ray fluorescence (LXRF), the former via comparison with independent measurements of lead in bone obtained using electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) following acid digestion. Using LXRF. the lead content of adult human(More)
A 36-yr-old black female presented with primary amenorrhea. The chromosomal constitution based on QFQ (Q bands by fluorescence using quinacrine) RFA (R bands by fluorescence using acridine orange), GTG (G band by Giemsa using trypsin), and CBG (C band by Giemsa using barium hydroxide) techniques was 46, XX, duplicated (9; q12), inverted (9; p12q12.1) in(More)
We examined bone lead contribution to blood lead in a group of 311 immigrant women, 99% from Latin America, during the third trimester of pregnancy and 1 to 2 months after delivery. We measured in vivo tibia and calcaneus (heel) bone lead concentration in the postdelivery period with K shell X-ray fluorescence. Prenatal and postnatal geometric mean (range)(More)
Twenty-five years of public health efforts produced a striking reduction in lead exposure; the blood lead average in the United States has decreased to less than 20% of levels measured in the 1970s. However, poor minority groups that live in large urban centers are still at high risk for elevated lead levels. In this study, our data showed that pregnant(More)
Although the incidence of tuberculosis is decreasing, spinal tuberculosis is still an important disease. Delay in diagnosis and treatment results in long-term disability. We reviewed our cases of spinal tuberculosis diagnosed between 1975 and 1982, with special reference to those features that permit early diagnosis. Among the nine cases diagnosed,(More)
Lead toxicity has gained increasing attention in the public media because of its ubiquitous distribution in the environment and the potentially serious medical complications that it can induce, particularly in children. We present a case of an asymptomatic Hispanic woman who exhibited a unique form of pica during her pregnancy. By serendipity, she agreed to(More)
Preoperative oblique hilar tomography was used to evaluate hilar lymph nodes in 150 patients with clinically resectable bronchogenic carcinoma. CT was also used in the evaluation of mediastinal lymph nodes in 50 of these patients. Subsequently, all patients underwent mediastinoscopy and/or thoracotomy. Hilar and mediastinal nodes were evaluated for the(More)