FuLiang Guo

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In order to improve the utilization of network bandwidth in multimedia business, a variety of header compression schemes have been proposed. This paper first introduces the background and feasibility of the header compression technology, and then states the principles of three traditional header compression schemes: VJHC, IPHC and CRTP. Since the three(More)
The Apriori algorithm is a most influential one to excavate association rules. The basic idea of the algorithm is: identify all the frequent itemsets to get association rule. This paper presents the improved Apriori algorithm based on interested items, which mainly construct an ordered interested table and traverse it to excavate frequent itemsets quickly.(More)
— Association rules are the main techniques to determine the frequent item set in data mining. Apriori algorithm is the classic algorithm of association rules, which enumerate all of the frequent item sets. If database is large, it takes too much time to scan the database. The improved algorithm is verified, the results show that the improved algorithm is(More)
This paper elaborates the feasibility of allocating the training guarantee fund by the Barycenter model of group decision. Based on the Barycenter model of group decision-making, the model of fund allocation was built. Combined with an actual application, verified the model, we carried out the model in the fund budget management system, provided scientific(More)
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