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The properties of (t<inf>u</inf>, f<inf>u</inf>) expand of a vague value have been discussed, and a class of similarity measures between vague sets based on the three-dimensional representation has been presented in this paper. An example applied to pattern recognition shows that these formulas are practicable.
Combines three programs based on Vague Set application papers, we obtain a complete program of Vague preferred method. Vague proposed single value data to the data conversion formula for the similarity measures between Vague sets formula, they become the preferred program method Vague technical support. Through the optimal selection of small hydropower(More)
A distance between Vague sets presented in this paper. While the material choice was being made, the distance between Vague sets was the measure in evaluating whether the material performance was close to the expected performance. The less the value of distance is, the better the chose degree between the material performance and the expected performance is.(More)
The Vague optimization method sorted out is a special case of the pattern recognition method of the Vague set. Its specific application steps are as follows: ○ 1the setup of characters to determine the evaluation; ○ 2the establishment of a collection of new varieties of wheat to be optimized; ○ 3 the extract of the ideal set of new wheat varieties ; ○ 4 the(More)
Similarity measure formula between Vague set A and B is put forward: () () () () () () () () 1 (,) 1 1 2 2 i i i i i i i i m m m m m m m m n a b a b a b a b m i u u v v t t f f M A B Vague weighted decision-making method is the pattern recognition method of the Vague set. It is a weighted decision method applied to sugar cane. Vague strains preferred(More)
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