Fu-yuan Xu

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Computing becomes increasing mobile and pervasive today. Building context-aware computing has been drawing much attention from researches. However, it is still a complex and time-consuming task due to lack of appropriate infrastructure or middleware-level support. In this paper, we first propose a formal context-model based on ontology using OWL to realize(More)
An IDEF3 model for business process reengineering has been established in this article, to support process reengineering as the system engineering and achieve expected effects. We illustrate how to constitute the process model, function model and information model by introducing IDEF3, IDEF0 and IDEF1x into BPR. It has an important practical value for(More)
With approach of the era of knowledge economy, More and more organizations have recognized the importance of efficient enterprise knowledge construction, extraction and management. An efficient knowledge management system is vital to the effective implementation of knowledge management. The paper starts from a discussion of concepts and essence of knowledge(More)
The causes of supply chain (SC) bottleneck problem was analyzed at first in this paper. Then three kinds of methods were brought forward as expanding the bottleneck, creating alternative routes and supply and demand network with multi-functional and opening characteristics for enterprise (SDN) method. Expanding the bottleneck and creating alternative routes(More)
In this paper, we develop a system for making matches between domain experts with projects in the same area based on the semantic similarity method. The idea behind this method concerns exploiting features of ontology for processing documents and queries, and calculating similarity for filtering relevant information. The proposed system contains four main(More)
In this paper the problem of how a robotic agent can create and maintain an ontology in the domain of time is addressed. By an ontology, a mechanism is described that enables a robotic agent to create temporal categories for conceptualizing the world. The creation of a new category is triggered when the agent is unable to temporally distinguish an event(More)
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