Fu-yang Liu

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Two-dimensional (2D) compounds provide unique building blocks for novel layered devices and hybrid photonic structures. However, large surface-to-volume ratio in thin films enhances the significance of surface interactions and charging effects requiring new understanding. Here we use micro-photoluminescence (PL) and ultrasonic force microscopy to explore(More)
We demonstrate a new method to realize the population inversion of a single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot excited by a laser pulse tuned within the neutral exciton phonon sideband. In contrast to the conventional method of inverting a two-level system by performing coherent Rabi oscillation, the inversion is achieved by rapid thermalization of the optically(More)
We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of colloidal system with short-range depletion attraction and screened electrostatic repulsion on a disordered substrate. We find a growth-melting process of the clusters as the temperature is increased. By strengthening the screened electrostatic repulsion, a depinning transition from moving cluster to plastic flow is(More)
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