Fu-ping Yang

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Aimed at the excellence and shortcoming of the standard median filtering algorithm and the adaptive median filtering algorithm as well as center weighted median filtering algorithm, a new adaptive weighted median filtering algorithm is proposed in this paper. The new algorithm first takes a decision whether the pixel under test is noise or not by comparing(More)
According to the complexity about assessment of emergency resource requirement, the unitized emergency management thought was introduced in this paper. A disaster area was divided into some disasters' units, so the whole requirement of the area was contented by meeting the demand of each unit. The arriving time and demand quantity of emergency resources was(More)
In this paper, the parallel decoupling algorithm is given to solve the block tri-diagonal linear equations. The solution process of the algorithm are as follows: Firstly, decoupling method is used to decompose the huge block tri-diagonal linear equations to even number small block tri-diagonal ones with balancing loadings, and sum of the small blocks(More)
This paper focus on continuous K-nearest neighbor (CKNN for short) query and propose a query method based on R-Tree and Quad Tree (QR-Tree) to support continuous K-nearest neighbor query for moving objects, in which the main idea is to use a QR-Tree to divide the static spatial space for the moving objects. In the interested region, it uses the QR-Tree and(More)
Image low-level information, such as color, texture, and shape, were generally dealt with separately and combined together gruffly. Their image-describing effect in image retrieval was weakened. This paper determines and extracts one group of texture elements from images to mainly express the image texture information and, during this procedure, the(More)
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