Fu-jun Feng

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The Agouti gene plays an important role in pigment synthesis in domestic animals. A transversion of 423G>T recognized by BanII was found after a fragment (178 bp) of the goat Agouti gene exon 4 was amplified and sequenced. To investigate its genetic effect and diversity, 677 individuals from 12 indigenous Chinese goat breeds and one imported goat breed from(More)
Much attention has been focused on the study of lactoferrin due to its function in antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immunomodulatory activities. A total of 60 lactoferrin (LF) gene sequences with the complete coding regions (CDS) and corresponding amino acids belonging to 11 species were analyzed, and the(More)
The melanophilin (MLPH) gene has been characterized as the candidate gene for dilute coat color in some species, but little is known about it in the goat. In this study, part of the genomic DNA sequence (19,289 bp) containing the whole coding region of the MLPH gene from goat, as well as from sheep, was determined. We found 16 exons and 15 introns; the(More)
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