Fu Yuan Shih

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In this investigation, we propose and demonstrate a colorless wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON) at 2.5 Gb/s using reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA)-based optical networking units (ONUs); together with a self-protected architecture against fiber fault. In the optical line terminal (OLT), we use an array of(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a continuous wave (CW) tunable-wavelength fiber laser using self-seeding Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD) without optical amplifier inside gain cavity. By employing a tunable bandpass filter (TBF) and a fiber reflected mirror (FRM) within a gain cavity, the fiber laser can lase a single-longitudinal wavelength due to(More)
.A triple-wavelength erbium-doped compound ring fiber laser using the fiber-based triple-ring filter (TRF) is proposed and experimentally investigated. Using the fiber-based TRF laser scheme, the proposed laser can lase three wavelengths simultaneously. The fiber laser retrieve the optical side-mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) of 40.2, 40.4 and 41.6 dB and(More)
We demonstrate an optical wired and wireless access network using wavelength-splitting (WS) at remote-node. A pair of CW carriers is generated from each laser source for wired and wireless applications respectively for effective Rayleigh-backscattering mitigation.
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