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Progressive renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis is a common final pathway of nearly all forms of chronic kidney disease. Many efforts have been done to arrest or prevent renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis but with little progress. Nowadays, few therapeutic agents are available in clinical use. Norcantharidin (NCTD) is of great benefit in anticancer treatment,(More)
A method for producing nanocomposites of transition metal oxides A(3)O(4) (where A represents Mn, Fe or Co) and graphene nanosheets (GNS) is presented. The reduction of graphene oxide (GO) and the formation of A(3)O(4) nanoparticles (NPs) were carried out simultaneously during the reaction. The electrochemical properties of A(3)O(4)-GNS nanocomposites as(More)
Tilted fiber Bragg grating (TFBG) biosensors can be used as a cost-effective and relatively simple-to-implement alternative to well established biosensor platforms for high sensitivity biological sample measurements in situ or possibly in vivo. The fiber biosensor presented in this study utilizes an in-fiber 12° tilted Bragg grating to excite a strong(More)
Surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) can be excited on metal-coated optical fibres, enabling the accurate monitoring of refractive index changes. Configurations reported so far mainly operate in liquids but not in air because of a mismatch between permittivities of guided light modes and the surrounding medium. Here we demonstrate a plasmonic optical fibre(More)
To study the relationship between visual perception of magnitude of wrinkles and geometrical parameters of surfaces, four potentially relevant parameters of the surface profile were considered: the variance (sigma2), the cutting frequency (Fc), the effective disparity curvature (Dce) of the wrinkled surface over the eyeball distance of the observer, and the(More)
This paper reports an experimental investigation of the effect of garment size on perceived body size. The perceived body sizes of three Chinese men (thin, medium, and obese build) wearing different sizes of white T-shirts were assessed using Thompson and Gray's 1995 Nine-figural Scale in 1 (thinnest) to 9 (obese) grade and a newly-proposed method. Within(More)
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