Fu-Yi Hung

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In this paper, we present an analytical model to evaluate the hidden station effect on the performance of the IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) in both non-saturation and saturation condition. DCF is a random channel-access scheme based on Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) method and the exponential backoff(More)
– IEEE 802.11 defines physical and virtual carrier sensing mechanisms to avoid interference in wireless local area networks for the kind of interference originating from within the receiving range of a receiver. However, in wireless ad hoc networks most interference comes from outside of this range. So, the effectiveness of IEEE 802.11 carrier sensing(More)
—It has been an important issue to improve customers' satisfaction in theme parks for which become a major role of recreation in our daily life. Waiting for rides has been identified as a factor decreasing satisfaction. A previous study indicated that a virtual queuing system can reduce the total waiting time so the customer's satisfaction is improved. The(More)
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