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Iris segmentation is an important step for automatic iris recognition. This paper presents a new iris segmentation method based on K-means clustering. we propose a limbic boundary localization algorithm based on K-Means clustering for pupil detection. We locates the centers of the pupil and the iris in the input image. Then two image strips containing the(More)
—Current system managers often have to process huge amounts of alerts per day, which may be produced by all kinds of security products, network management tools or system logs. This has made it extremely difficult for managers to analyze and react to threats and attacks. So an effective technique which can automatically filter and analyze alerts has become(More)
Accurate and sufficient range measurements are essential for range-based localization in wireless sensor networks. However, noise and data missing are inevitable in distance ranging, which may degrade localization accuracy drastically. Existing localization approaches often degrade in terms of accuracy in the co-existence of incomplete and corrupted range(More)
  • Fu Xiao, Xie Li
  • 2008
Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) can easily create thousands of alerts per day, up to 99% of which are false positives (i.e. alerts that are triggered incorrectly by benign events). This makes it extremely difficult for managers to analyze and react to attacks. This paper presents a novel method for handling IDS alerts more efficiently. It introduces(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This paper presents a diagnostic Bayesian network (DBN) for fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) of variable air volume (VAV) terminals. The structure of the DBN illustrates qualitatively the casual relationships between faults and symptoms. The parameters of the DBN describe quantitatively the probabilistic dependences between faults(More)
Interacting with explosively growing mobile devices is becoming imperative. This paper presents SoundWrite, a mobile acoustic sensing system that enables text input into commercial off-the-shelf devices without any accessories. SoundWrite leverages the embedded microphone to capture subtle audio signals emitted from writing text on common found surfaces(More)