Fu Xiao

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Iris segmentation is an important step for automatic iris recognition. This paper presents a new iris segmentation method based on K-means clustering. we propose a limbic boundary localization algorithm based on K-Means clustering for pupil detection. We locates the centers of the pupil and the iris in the input image. Then two image strips containing the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This paper presents a diagnostic Bayesian network (DBN) for fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) of variable air volume (VAV) terminals. The structure of the DBN illustrates qualitatively the casual relationships between faults and symptoms. The parameters of the DBN describe quantitatively the probabilistic dependences between faults(More)
Interactive building power demand management strategy for integrating commercial buildings into smart grid. Quantify demand and demand alteration characteristics of commercial buildings to facilitate the smart grid optimization. Building thermal storage model is developed for predicting power demand alteration potential. Commercial buildings can contribute(More)
Skeletons providing a structural representation of shapes. In this study, we present a skeletons-based approach for gait recognition. The coarse structure of this skeleton representation allows us to represent each gait. We first extract the gait features from image sequences. Then gait recognition is performed. As it is entirely based on human gait, our(More)
Today's building automation systems (BASs) are becoming increasingly complex. A typical BAS usually stores hundreds of sensor measurements and control signals at each time step, which produces massive high dimensional data sets. Traditional analysis methods for BAS data only focus on a small subset of the data, resulting in a huge information loss. Data(More)
Intelligent mining of coal face is the basis to achieve automatic mining, electro-hydraulic control technology is the core of the intelligent mining. The 13266 coal face of Wannian colliery used the PM32 electric hydraulic control system of hydraulic powered support, realized the automatic drop support¿move support¿upper support and the monitoring and(More)
Content-based image retrieval is an important research area in digital libraries and multimedia databases. In this paper, we present a novel image retrieval method based on improved Hough transform. First, we developed a new general method of acceleration of the convergence of the Hough transform based. It works on an improvement of the image analysis speed(More)
In museum buildings, air conditioning systems with precise thermal-hygrometric control of indoor environment are necessary for preventing degradation of artworks and providing a pleasant thermal environment for visitors. In traditional constant air volume (CAV) systems widely used in museums, the supply air is often cooled and then reheated for(More)
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