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We compared two regimens with respect to their ability to prolong disease-free survival in 506 children and adolescents with acute lymphocytic leukemia. All responders to induction therapy were randomized to treatment with 2400 rad of cranial irradiation plus intrathecal methotrexate or to treatment with intermediate-dose methotrexate plus intrathecal(More)
INTRODUCTION AND HYPOTHESIS This study aims to compare the surgical outcomes between hysterectomy and uterine preservation in pelvic reconstruction with Perigee and Apogee systems for severe pelvic organ prolapse. METHODS Ninety-one women who have undergone transvaginal pelvic reconstructive surgery with Perigee and Apogee systems for severe pelvic organ(More)
BACKGROUND Many factors from the oocyte/sperm or the process of fertilization may affect the zygote formation. The zygote score (Z-score) describes the quality of a human zygote based on its pronuclear morphology, nucleolar precursor bodies, and alignment of polar bodies, and it can be used in the selection process at the zygote stage for embryo transfer or(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the impact of previous ovarian surgery on ovarian reserve in patients with endometriosis. METHODS A total of 829 female patients were recruited. Their medical records were reviewed retrospectively. Patients who had diagnoses of endometriosis or endometrioma were defined as the endometriosis group, and those without endometriosis(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to explore the cycle-to-cycle reproducibility of serum progesterone level and progesterone/estradiol (P/E2) ratio in the final step of triggering oocyte maturation in patients undergoing repeated consecutive controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for in vitro fertilization (COH-IVF) treatment and to investigate the(More)
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