Fu Shiang Yang

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A fast recursive-least-squares (FRLS) adaptive notch filter (ANF) for cancellation of sinusoidal interference from recorded biomedical signals is investigated. The FRLS ANF is derived by making an approximation to the conventional recursive-least-squares (RLS) ANF for computation economy. It outperforms the commonly adopted least-mean-squares (LMS) ANF,(More)
In this paper, transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE's) are synthesized by an active auditory model, and decomposed by continuous wavelet transform (CWT) to study the frequency-latency relationship and the generation of TEOAE signals. The controlled voltage sources that relate to the mobile mechanism of the outer hair cells (OHC's) are proposed to(More)
Theory predicts that a two-pump fiber optical parametric amplifier or wavelength converter operated near the fiber zero-dispersion wavelength can exhibit a gain spectrum approximated by a Chebyshev polynomial of order 8. Under realistic conditions of pump spacing and fiber dispersion, very low-gain ripple can be obtained over a large bandwidth. For example,(More)
By a suitable choice of the wavelengths of two pumps and one signal about the zero-dispersion wavelength of a fiber, it is possible to generate mainly one four-wave-mixing product (idler) whose spectrum is a translated version of that of the signal; no spectral inversion or phase conjugation is involved. Unit conversion efficiency can in principle be(More)
The effects of chilling (CT, day/night temperatures of 12/10 °C, an irradiance of 250 μmol m−2 s−1), chilling combined with a low irradiance (CL, 12/10 °C, 80 μmol m−2 s−1), and a high temperature (HT, 42/40 °C, 250 μmol m−2 s−1) on chlorophyll content, chlorophyll fluorescence, and gas exchange were studied in two watermelon cultivars, ZJ8424 and YS01,(More)
It is shown that the method known as sedimentation field-flow fractionation, which has been applied to the separation and characterization of many industrial and biological particles and recently to emulsions, can be used to obtain high-resolution droplet diameter profiles for perfluorocarbon blood substitutes. Following a description of the methodology,(More)
We develop a modified thin film model with adjustable ratio of the illuminated surface areas for accurate reflectivity calculation of deep via structures. We also propose a method combining a half oblate spheroid model and a reflectance modulation algorithm for extraction of via bottom profile from the measured reflectance spectrum. We demonstrate the use(More)
Slowing down or even stopping light is the first task to realising optical information transmission and storage. Theoretical studies have revealed that metamaterials can slow down or even stop light; however, the difficulty of preparing metamaterials that operate in visible light hinders progress in the research of slowing or stopping light. Metasurfaces(More)
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