Fu Sheng Yang

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Tooth eruption is a complex and tightly regulated process that involves cells of the tooth organ and the surrounding alveolus. Recent researches have shown that tooth eruption depends on the presence of osteoclasts to create an eruption pathway through the alveolar bone. The most important physiologic role likely being at the eruptive site, in the formation(More)
Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) has been recognized as one of the most common neurovascular syndromes caused by the vascular contact of the trigeminal nerve in its root entry zone (REZ) with a branch of the superior or anterior inferior cerebellar arteries, leading to a demyelinization of trigeminal sensory fibers within either the nerve root or, less commonly,(More)
The distribution of succinic dehydrogenase (SDH) activity and the changes of SDH activity after injection of gentamicin (GM) were observed in the organ of Corti using non-decalcified frozen sections of the guinea pig's cochlea. The distribution of SDH activity was found to increase from the apex to the basal turn. At each turn, SDH activity of the inner(More)
We have developed a technique for sectioning temporal bones and have studied non-decalcified frozen guinea pig cochleas to localize succinic dehydrogenases. The technique is simple and practicable. The 6μm sections used preserve both fine cochlear structure and satisfactory histochemical localization for identifying the succinic dehydrogenases. The(More)
Ba(3)Bi(PO(4))(3):Sm(3+) phosphors were prepared via solid state reaction process. The crystal structure of the phosphor was characterized by XRD. The PL properties of Ba(3)Bi(PO(4))(3):Sm(3+) were investigated. The optimized phosphor with the composition of Ba(3)Bi(PO(4))(3):0.06Sm(3+) presents the several excitation bands from 300 to 500 nm, and exhibits(More)
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