Fu R Dong

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OBJECTIVE Current medical practice for the treatment of articular cartilage lesions remains a clinical challenge due to the limited self-repair ability of articular cartilage. Both experimental and clinical researches show that moderate exercise can improve articular cartilage repair process. However, optimal timing of moderate exercise is unclear. We aimed(More)
Using a computer based image analysis system and histological sections stained with Safranin O, we investigated systematically the variation of proteoglycans (PG) contents in the low lumbar discs of bipedal rats. Topographically, the PG concentration increased from the outer annulus to the inner nucleus pulposus region, which possesses the highest PG(More)
In this paper, the changes in the stiffness of eight lumbar spinal segments, as affected by left unilateral partial or total facetectomy, were investigated by means of an electro-mechanical technique. The results showed that with unilateral facetectomy, the stiffness of lumbar spinal segment was 39% less in axial rotation, 14% less in extension, 13% less in(More)
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