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a r t i c l e i n f o For the 'under maintained' and 'over maintained' problems of traditional preventive maintenance, a new predictive maintenance policy is developed based on process data in this article to overcome these disadvantages. This predictive maintenance method utilizes results of probabilistic fault prediction, which reveals evolvement of the(More)
The fluorescent components and their distribution and variation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) were examined using excitation emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy-parallel factor analysis technique (EEMs-PARAFAC) for samples collected during June, 2008 from Minjiang River, a typical subtropical reservoir-type river ecosystem. Three separate(More)
Medium-sized and medium-bridged rings are attractive structural motifs in natural products and therapeutic agents. Due to the unfavourable entropic and/or enthalpic factors with these ring systems, their efficient construction remains a formidable challenge. To address this problem, we herein disclose a radical-based approach for diversity-oriented(More)
Although great success has been achieved in asymmetric fluoroalkylation reactions via nucleophilic or electrophilic processes, the development of asymmetric radical versions of this type of reactions remains a formidable challenge because of the involvement of highly reactive radical species. Here we report a catalytic asymmetric radical(More)
The reactions between HSA and acidic phenolsulfonphthaleins, including phenol red, cresol red, chlorophenol red, bromocresol purple and m-cresol purple, have been investigated by fluorescence spectrometry. The experiments showed that all of the selected acidic phenolsulfonphthaleins strongly quenched the fluorescence produced by HSA, and this fluorescence(More)
A novel difunctionalization-type (hetero)arylation of unactivated alkenes has been developed via remote 1,4(5)-(hetero)aryl migration triggered by radical alkene azidation, trifluoromethylation, or phosphonylation. The overall process serves as an unusual and reliable approach for straightforward access to diversely substituted ketones with broad functional(More)
A compact, simple, and bistable hybrid square-rectangular laser is experimentally demonstrated as an all-optical flip-flop memory. Controllable bistability is induced by two-mode competition, together with the saturable absorption at the square microcavity section. The all-optical set and reset operations are realized by injecting signal pulses at two-mode(More)
An effective method for multicoherence wavelength generation is experimentally demonstrated using an integrated twin-microdisk laser as a seeding source. Dual-wavelength lasing with variable wavelength spacing is achieved by adjusting injection currents independently. Using the integrated laser as a pump seed, we obtain multicoherence wavelength in a(More)
This paper presents a SNCCDBAGG-based neural network (NN) ensemble approach for quality prediction in injection molding process. Bagging is used to create NNs for the ensemble by independently training these NNs on different training sets. Negative correlation learning via correlation-corrected data (NCCD) is used to achieve negative correlation of each(More)