Fu-Kuo Huang

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We investigated iron oxide nanoparticles with two different surface modifications, dextran coating and cross-linked dextran coating, showing that their different internalization affects their capability to enhance radiation damage to cancer cells. The internalization was monitored with an ultrahigh resolution transmission x-ray microscope (TXM), indicating(More)
Co-production of gamma -glutamylcysteine (gamma -GC) and glutathione (GSH) by a novel mutant strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae FC-3 and its kinetic analysis were investigated. The strain could produce gamma -GC and GSH with high yields (4.22 and 14.3 mg/g-DCW, respectively) in batch submerged cultures. Effects of medium components and cultivation conditions(More)
This paper presents a new identification technique combining the advantages of artificial neural network (ANN) and genetic algorithm (GA). In order to provide a neural network topology that can be merged into the GA identification technique developed by the author, the time history of the ground acceleration and the system parameters of a variety of SDOF(More)
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