Fu-Kuang Yeh

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—This work addresses a fuzzy sliding-mode controller, which is mainly composed of the sliding mode controller and the fuzzy inference mechanism, for a mini unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with propellers to follow the predetermined trajectory. In this paper, a sliding-mode controller with a sliding surface is designed. And a fuzzy sliding-mode controller is(More)
This investigation addresses a nonlinear terminal guidance/autopilot controller with pulse-type control inputs for intercepting a theater ballistic missile in the exoatmospheric region. Appropriate initial conditions on the terminal phase are assumed to apply after the end of the midcourse operation. Accordingly, the terminal controller seeks to minimize(More)
—In this brief, we propose a variable structure based nonlinear missile guidance/autopilot system with highly maneuverable actuators, mainly consisting of thrust vector control and divert control system, for the task of intercepting of a theater ballistic missile. The aim of the present work is to achieve bounded target interception under the mentioned 5(More)
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