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Wackermann (1999) [Wackermann, J., 1999. Towards a quantitative characterization of functional states of the brain: from the non-linear methodology to the global linear description. Int. J. Psychophysiol. 34, 65-80] proposed Sigma-phi-Omega system for describing the global brain macro-state, in which Omega complexity was used to quantify the degree of(More)
BACKGROUND There has been limited data addressing outcomes of extensive septal myectomy in Chinese patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM). In this study, the objective was to evaluate the clinical and echocardiographic outcomes of extensive septal myectomy in a relative large number of Chinese HOCM patients over long-term follow-up. (More)
An approximation algorithm for solving a sort of non-smooth programming is proposed. In the programming, the objective function is the Hölder function and the feasible region is contained in a simplex (viz. hyper-simplex). To establish the algorithm, the properties of the Hölder function and an approximation of the function by using Bernstein α-polynomial(More)
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