Fu-Huan Chu

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In this paper, we examine ionospheric plasma depletions (or bubbles) and irregularities observed by photometers and a ground-based receiver of the global positioning system (GPS) both located in Brazil, South America. A simultaneous observation reveals that when the ionospheric plasma becomes depleted, the GPS total electron content decreases and the(More)
In wireless environments, improper handover among mobile terminals can occur during micromobility due to various reasons. Once this takes place, the network Quality of Service (QoS) experiences degradation thereby increasing the call drop rate, creating latency problems and decreasing throughput. In such scenario, there is an urgent need to optimize network(More)
We have examined the ionospheric plasma irregularities that were recorded by using three ground-based receivers of the global positioning system (GPS) located at Brazilian longitudes during the period of a complete solar cycle, 1995–2005. The statistic results show that ionospheric irregularities are very easy to occur in December solstice months but rare(More)
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