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Information hiding is an important method to achieve multi-media security. Recently, many researchers have paid attention to the reversible data hiding scheme, which can completely recover original multi-media files after the embedded data are extracted. In this paper, a side-match approach is proposed to achieve more capacity in histogram-based reversible(More)
SQL injection attacks, a class of injection flaw in which specially crafted input strings leads to illegal queries to databases, are one of the topmost threats to web applications. A number of research prototypes and commercial products that maintain the queries structure in web applications have been developed. But these techniques either fail to address(More)
Buffer overflow attack is the main attack method that most if not all existing malicious worms use to propagate themselves from machine to machine. Although a great deal of research has been invested in defense mechanisms against buffer overflow attack, most of them require modifications to the network applications and/or the platforms that host them. Being(More)
Digital watermarking has recently emerged as a solution to the problem of providing guarantees about copyright protection of digital images. However, several problems related to the robustness of invisible watermarking techniques from malicious or non-malicious attacks still remain unsolved. Visible watermarking is an effective technique for preventing(More)
Many nework security problems can be solved in a centralized TCP (CTCP) architecture, in which an organization's edge router transparently proxies every TCP connection between an internal host and an external host on the Internet. This paper describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a CTCP router prototype that is built on the Linux kernel. By(More)
In the last several decades, the arms race between malware writers and antivirus programmers has become more and more severe. The simplest way for a computer user to secure his computer is to install antivirus software on his computer. As antivirus software becomes more sophisticated and powerful, evading the detection of antivirus software becomes an(More)
Large-scale distributed computing applications require concurrent programming models that support modular and compositional software development. The actor model supports the development of independent software components with its asynchronous message-passing communication and state encapsulation properties. Automatic actor garbage collection is necessary(More)
Reversible data hiding has attracted considerable attention in recent years. Being reversible, the decoder can extract hidden data and recover the original image completely, and the difference expansion (DE) scheme can lead to a lossless pixel after secret data exacting. Furthermore, despite achieving pixel reversibility based on the concept of expanded(More)