Fu-Hai Yan

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The complete DNA sequence of Marek’s disease virus (MDV) serotype 1 vaccine strain 814 was determined. It consisted of 172,541 bp, with an overall gene organization identical to that of the MDV-1 type strains. Comparative genomic analysis of vaccine strains (814 and CVI988) and other strains (CU-2, Md5, and Md11) showed that 814 was most similar to CVI988.(More)
Recently, much work has been devoted to study MD-induced oncogenesis and the genes involved in this process. Among many genes in the MDV genome, several genes such as Meq, RLORF4, RLORF12, and 132bpr have been considered recently associated with virulence of MDV. In this paper, primers of Meq, RLORF4, RLORF12 and 132bpr genes were designed and synthesized,(More)
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