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This work, for the first time, examines the work function fluctuation (WKF) and interface trap fluctuation (ITF) using experimentally calibrated 3D device simulation on high-&#x03BA; / metal gate technology. The random WKs result in 36.7 mV threshold voltage fluctuation (&#x03C3;V<inf>th</inf>) for 16 nm N-MOSFETs with TiN gate, which is rather different(More)
This paper investigates the new programming scheme to reduce the program disturb in the NAND Flash memory. Program disturb characteristics are determined by the unwilling electron injections in the floating gate of the unselected cells during programming. Thus, the key point to improve the program disturb characteristics is how to suppress the electron(More)
A thin-film transistor (TFT) with bilayer stack structure of amorphous nitrogenated InGaZnO (IGZO) (a-IGZO:N) on an IGZO channel is proposed to enhance device stability. The a-IGZO:N acting as a back-channel passivation (BCP) is formed sequentially just after the sputter-deposited amorphous IGZO (a-IGZO) film with in situ nitrogen incorporation process. The(More)
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