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This paper introduced a specific implementation plan of High-precision Low-power Consumption wireless digital water level sensor transmitter which based on WAP300C, the design uses MCU MSP430F2013 which has a multi-channel 16-bit A / D converter as the core controller and WAP300C as wireless transmitters and receivers. it is mainly to solve the problem of(More)
This paper introduces a new design of attitude indicator based on MEMS technology. It analyzes the principle of testing attitude by acceleration sensor, the conditioning circuit, calculation and scale transform. It also gives a method which can realize by MMA7260 to measure the biaxial acceleration signal. Using inner ADC of ATmega16, collecting and(More)
This paper presents an improved median filter for ultrasonic image on time difference method as. Firstly, using the noise characteristics of randomness and incoherence, specially the impulse noise characteristics of short-time and great amplitude, however the characteristics of signal are certainty, continuity and relevance. The algorithm also can adjust(More)
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