Frosso S. Makri

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Built-In Self-Test (BIST) techniques constitute an effective and practical approach for VLSI circuits testing. BIST schemes are typically classified into two categories: offline and online. Input vector monitoring concurrent BIST schemes are a class of online techniques that circumvent the problems appearing separately in online and in offline BIST in a(More)
A consecutive system, the failure of which depends on the occurrence of a number of failure-success patterns, is introduced. It extends several consecutive systems studied so far in the literature. The exact system reliability is determined for systems with independently functioning components. The derivations are based on the exact distribution of properly(More)
The expected number of 0-1 strings of a limited length is a potentially useful index of the behavior of stochastic processes describing the occurrence of critical events (e.g., records, extremes, and exceedances). Such model sequences might be derived by a HoppePolya or a Polya-Eggenberger urnmodel interpreting the drawings of white balls as occurrences of(More)
Consider a binary string (a symmetric Bernoulli sequence) of length �. For a positive integer �, 1 ≤ � ≤ �, we exactly enumerate, in all 2� possible binary strings of length �, the number of all runs of 1s of length (equal, at least) � and the number of 1s in all runs of 1s of length at least �. To solve these counting problems, we use probability theory(More)
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