Froso Sarri

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The search for the Higgs boson is one of the main goals of the Large Hadron Collider experiments. Both in the Standard Model (SM) and in its minimal supersymmetric extensions (MSSM), one or several new bosons are expected as manifestations of the Higgs field. The tau lepton will be essential for Higgs(es) discovery. In fact, both in SM and in the MSSM, the(More)
This paper puts forward a 3D reconstruction methodology applied to the restoration of historic buildings taking advantage of the combined speed, range and accuracy of a total geodetic station. The measurements of geo-referenced points produced a fully interactive and photorealistic geometric mesh of an historic monument named `Neoria'. `Neoria' is a(More)
Development of FTK Architecture: A Fast Hardware Track Trigger for the ATLAS Detector A. Annovi, M. Beretta, and P. Laurelli INFN Frascati E. Bossini, V. Cavasinni, F. Crescioli, M. Dell’Orso, P. Giannetti, M. Piendibene, G. Punzi, F. Sarri, I. Vivarelli, and G. Volpi Univ. and INFN of Pisa A. Boveia, E. Brubaker, F. Canelli, M. Dunford, A. Kapliy*, Y.K.(More)
J. Abdallah, P. Adragna, C. Alexa, R. Alves, P. Amaral, A. Ananiev, K. Anderson, X. Andresen, A. Antonaki, V. Batusov, P. Bednar, E. Bergeaas, C. Biscarat, O. Blanch, G. Blanchot, C. Bohm, V. Boldea, F. Bosi, M. Bosman, C. Bromberg, J. Budagov, D. Calvet, C. Cardeira, T. Carli, J. Carvalho, M. Cascella, M. V. Castillo, J. Costelo, M. Cavalli-Sforza, V.(More)
ATLAS[1] is one of the four experiments under construction along the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. During the 2004 Combined Test Beam, the GNAM monitoring system and the OHP histogram presenter were widely used to assess both the hardware setup and the data quality. GNAM is a modular framework where detector specific code can be easily plugged in to obtain(More)
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