Fritz W. Cathey

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In this paper, we present a novel approach to estimate traffic speed using a sequence of images from an uncalibrated camera. We assert that exact calibration is not necessary to estimate speed. Instead, we use 1) geometric relationships inherently available in the image, 2) some common-sense assumptions that reduce the problem to a one-dimensional (1-D)(More)
In this paper we present a general prescription for the prediction of transit vehicle arrival/departure. The prescription identifies the set of activities that are necessary to preform the prediction task, and describes each activity in a component based framework. We identify the three components, a Tracker, a Filter, and a Predictor, necessary to use(More)
In this paper, we present new algorithms that use transit vehicles as probes for determining traffic speeds and travel times along freeways and other primary arterials. We describe a mass transit tracking system based on Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data and a Kalman filter to estimate vehicle position and speed. We also describe a system of “virtual”(More)
The wide variety of remote sensors used in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications (loops, probe vehicles, radar, cameras, etc.) has created a need for general methods by which data can be shared among agencies and users who own disparate computer systems. In this paper, we present a methodology that demonstrates that it is possible to create,(More)
In past work we described a system of components that are used to construct transit traveler information applications. In this paper we describe an ongoing project that uses the same component architecture to combine maps, schedules, and AVL information from four transit agencies. The result is a set of web applications suitable for both transit management(More)
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