Fritz Praus

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—Building automation systems are traditionally concerned with the control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning , as well as lighting and shading, systems. They have their origin in a time where security has been considered as a side issue at best. Nowadays, with the rising desire to integrate security-critical services that were formerly provided(More)
Many applications such as distributed measurements or real-time networks benefit from a common notion of time. Protocols providing high precision and simple clock synchronization are necessary to achieve such a common time base. However, most of the available protocols are lacking with regard to fault tolerance and performance in case of a fault. The(More)
With today'so ngoing integration of heterogeneous building automation systems, increased comfort, energy efficiency, improvedb uilding management, sustainability as well as advanced applications such as active &assisted living scenarios become possible. Obviously,the demands –especially regarding security –increase: Secure communication becomes equally(More)
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