Fritz Pedersen

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A series of very potent derivatives of the 30-amino acid peptide hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is described. The compounds were all derivatized with fatty acids in order to protract their action by facilitating binding to serum albumin. GLP-1 had a potency (EC(50)) of 55 pM for the cloned human GLP-1 receptor. Many of the compounds had similar or(More)
A phantom study was performed to assess the accuracy of MRI in volume determination of pituitary macroadenomas, using the summation of areas technique. Five phantoms, 3-4 cm in diameter, simulating pituitary macroadenomas of various shapes, were evaluated. The volume could adequately and reproducibly be determined, regardless of minor rotational variations(More)
30 simultaneous measurements of the renal cortical blood flow with the xenon-133 wash-out technique and the total renal blood flow with an electromagnetic flowmeter were performed in eight dogs. Renal blood flow was varied over a wide range. A highly significant correlation was found between the two measurements. The slope of the correlation line was 1.18(More)
At different times after injection into the renal artery of131I-albumin, the distribution of the tracer in kidneys of the rabbit and the dog was illustrated by a series of autoradiograms. In order to determine the mean circulation time for albumin in the kidney, the radioactivity over the kidney was simultaneously registered by external monitoring. A short(More)