Fritz Jetzek

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Network snakes constitute one of the latest advances in the research of image segmentation techniques: they integrate topology into active contour models. This concept is applied to the problem of delineating biological cells in confocal images and is compared to results obtained with a current state-of-the-art segmentation method. Lacking a representative(More)
BACKGROUND Transgenic mice expressing mutated amyloid precursor protein (APP) and presenilin (PS)-1 or -2 have been successfully used to model cerebral beta-amyloidosis, one of the characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology. However, the use of many transgenic lines is limited by premature death, low breeding efficiencies and late onset(More)
Focal adhesions (FA) play a dominant role in determining adherent cell morphology. This is particularly true for FA close to the cell contour on a two-dimensional substrate, since they are required for stabilization of the elastic cell membrane protrusions. The identification of these FA yields valuable information about the shape and the general state of(More)
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