Fritz B. Prinz

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Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing (Mold SDM) is a Solid Freeform Fabrication technique for producing complex shaped fugitive wax molds. A variety of castable polymer and ceramic materials have been used to make parts from these molds. This paper describes the Mold SDM method and an automated mold building machine based on a commercial CNC mill. Process(More)
Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing (Mold SDM) is being developed in order to fabricate complex structural ceramic parts such as components for miniature turbine engines. For this application, the ceramic parts must not only be strong, but they also must have high dimensional accuracy and superior surface quality. This paper presents current progress with(More)
Additive/Subtractive Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) integrates material addition (deposition) and removal (machining) to build up three-dimensional objects incrementally. This class of processes offers sophisticated design flexibility with engineering materials, three-dimensional layer building, and the ability to fabricate complex engineering devices and(More)
This paper reviews the emerging field of layered manufacturing. This field is little over 10 years old but a significant amount of research has been conducted and results to date are quite promising. We consider three broad topics namely, design systems for heterogeneous objects, layered manufacturing processes, and process planning techniques. Several(More)
Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) is a rapid manufacturing process that builds parts by incremental material deposition and fusion of thin 2-l/2 dimensional layers. The layers are generated by slicing the CAD model with a set of parallel planes perpendicular to the build-up direction. A new SFF technology called Shape Deposition Manufacturing (SDM) builds(More)
There are numerous sources of bioenergy that are generated by photosynthetic processes, for example, lipids, alcohols, hydrogen, and polysaccharides. However, generally only a small fraction of solar energy absorbed by photosynthetic organisms is converted to a form of energy that can be readily exploited. To more efficiently use the solar energy harvested(More)