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A theory is presented supporting a geometrical explanation of physiological height vertigo as a 'distance vertigo' created by visual destabilization of posture when the distance between the observer and visible stationary contrasts becomes critically large. Though height vertigo is generally regarded as a psychopathological process, we hypothesize that it(More)
In order to validate the hypothesis that height vertigo is based on visual destabilization of free stance when the distance between eye and object becomes critically large, several of its consequences were demonstrated in posturographic experiments: (1) Visual signals conflicting with simultaneous vestibular and somatosensory inputs provided by sinusoidally(More)
A compelling illusion of body rotation and nystagmus can be induced when the horizontally extended arm of a stationary subject is passively rotated about a vertical axis in the shoulder joint. Lateral nystagmus with the fast phase beating in the opposite direction to the arm movement was found consistently; the mean slow phase velocity increased with(More)
[1] Currently a cosmic ray cloud connection (CRC) hypothesis is subject of an intense controversial debate. It postulates that galactic cosmic rays (GCR) intruding the Earth's atmosphere influence cloud cover. If correct it would have important consequences for our understanding of climate driving processes. Here we report on an alternative and stringent(More)
DESSLib provides benchmark instances obtained by real world data for synthesis problems of decentralized energy supply systems (DESS). In this paper, the considered optimization problem is described in detail. An energy system consists of a subsystem of energy consumers and a subsystem of energy suppliers. In this case the different forms of final energy(More)
This paper describes the features offered by a hospital portal system for information, communication and entertainment and the work underway to develop an interface to the portal such that all patients regardless of their age, disability, computer experience or native language can use it easily and effectively. The paper discusses the need for inclusive(More)
We have investigated the formation and early growth of atmospheric secondary aerosol particles building on atmospheric measurements. The measurements were part of the QUEST 2 campaign which took place in spring 2003 in Hyytï aï a (Finland). During the campaign numerous new aerosol particle formation events occurred of which 15 5 were accompanied by gaseous(More)
Freshly formed atmospheric aerosol particles are neither large enough to efficiently scatter incoming solar radiation nor able to act as cloud condensation nuclei. As the particles grow larger, their hygroscopicity determines the limiting size after which they are important in both of the aforementioned processes. The condensing species result-5 ing in(More)
From a synopsis of field, laboratory and model studies at T >205K as well as from the field experiments POLSTAR at T <205K we derive a general picture of the partitioning of nitric acid (HNO 3) in cirrus clouds and a new hypothesis on the uptake of HNO 3 on ice particles: 5 A substantial part of nitric acid remains in the gas phase under cirrus cloud(More)