Frits Veerman

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The wastewater from greenhouses has a high amount of mineral contamination and an environmentally-friendly method of removal is to use algae to clean this runoff water. The algae consume the minerals as part of their growth process. In addition to cleaning the water, the created algal bio-mass has a variety of applications including production of(More)
In this paper, we study in detail the existence and stability of localized pulses in a GiererMeinhardt equation with an additional ‘slow’ nonlinearity. This system is an explicit example of a general class of singularly perturbed, two component reaction-diffusion equations that goes significantly beyond wellstudied model systems such as Gray-Scott and(More)
The generation by renewables and the loading by electrical vehicle charging imposes severe challenges in the redesign of today’s power supply systems. Indeed, accommodating these emerging power sources and sinks requires traditional power systems to evolve from rigid centralized unidirectional architectures to intelligent decentralized entities allowing a(More)
We analyze numerically and theoretically steady states and bifurcations in a model for ship maneuvering provided by MARIN, and in a simplified model that combines rudder and propeller into an abstract ‘thruster’. Steady states in the model correspond to circular motion of the ship and we compute the corresponding radii. We non-dimensionalize the models and(More)
We consider adaptive change of diet of a predator population that switches its feeding between two prey populations. We develop a novel 1 fast–3 slow dynamical system to describe the dynamics of the three populations amidst continuous but rapid evolution of the predator’s diet choice. The two extremes at which the predator’s diet is composed solely of one(More)
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