Frits R. Rosendaal

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Thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI, or procarboxypeptidase B) is the precursor of a recently described carboxypeptidase that potently attenuates fibrinolysis. Therefore, we hypothesized that elevated plasma TAFI levels induce a hypofibrinolytic state associated with an increased risk for venous thrombosis. To evaluate this hypothesis, we(More)
Factor (f)Xa is a critical enzyme in blood coagulation that is responsible for the initiation and propagation of thrombin generation. Previously we have shown that analysis of computationally generated thrombin profiles is a tool to investigate hemostasis in various populations. In this study, we evaluate the potential of computationally derived time(More)
BACKGROUND Acidosis, a frequent complication of trauma and complex surgery, results from tissue hypoperfusion and IV resuscitation with acidic fluids. While acidosis is known to inhibit the function of distinct enzymatic reactions, its cumulative effect on the blood coagulation system is not fully understood. Here, we use computational modeling to test the(More)
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