Frits Hendriks

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Coronary vasodilation after brief (less than 15 s) occlusions was studied in closed-chest, anesthetized dogs, using constant-flow perfusion of a large coronary artery. We assumed occlusion duration to be a measure of the concentration of endogeneous adenosine and determined adenosine dose-response curves by varying occlusion duration and measuring the(More)
From the lung wash-out ratios of six inert gases that were intravenously administered to 26 anaesthetized normal dogs, 120 distributions of ventilation--perfusion ratios (VA/Q) were determined, using two different techniques: the 50 compartment approach developed by Wagner et al. (1974a) and a least squares curve fitting method, comparing observed and(More)
Isolated pumping rat hearts, perfused with reconstituted blood, were studied to compare the effects of 30 minutes of ischemic arrest following calcium-free or normal, calcium-containing cold cardioplegia on recovery of mechanical function, lactate production, myocardial adenosine triphosphate concentration, and release of creatine kinase (CK). As in(More)
The effect of vasodilation (with nifedipine) or beta-adrenergic receptor blockade (with propranolol, alprenolol or metoprolol) on the rate of rise of oxygen uptake and heart rate were studied in 14 healthy subjects after a step-wise increase of workload from a light to a moderate exercise intensity. Under beta-adrenergic receptor blockade steady state(More)
Aortic valve dysfunction may be the consequence of congenital malformation of the aortic valve. Unicuspid,'2 bicuspid,'-6 tricuspid,23 and quadricuspid68 aortic valves have all been described. We describe a patient who presented with cardiac enlargement caused by aortic valve incompetence and stenosis. Echocardiograms repeatedly showed multiple closing(More)
OBJECTIVE In the Cayman Islands, a vascular access service was created in 2005 to facilitate the creation of vascular access for hemodialysis by local surgeons. The present retrospective audit aims to establish the outcomes of this practice in the Cayman Islands. METHODS Data from the operative log of the Cayman Islands Hospital was collected over a(More)
There has been no documentation on the epidemiology of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in the Cayman Islands. We retrospectively surveyed all facilities providing renal replacement therapy in the Cayman Islands in order to define the epidemiology of kidney failure in this setting. The prevalence of ESRD in this population was 0.975 persons per 1,000(More)
Thermal dilution cardiac output determinations in dogs were compared to simultaneously performedFick oxygen measurements. The purpose of this study was to validate in dog experiments a method for thermal dilution measurement which employs a double-thermistor catheter combined with an automatic computer as described byOlsson et al. Dilution and injectate(More)
In an experimental study using 6 pigs, the clinical situation of accidental air embolism was mimicked by introducing a known amount of pure nitrogen into the aortic perfusion line during standard hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass. The treatment after embolization consisted of 15 minutes of perfusion flow reversal. A special device was built to enable(More)
An isolated working rat heart model designed for function studies after elective cardiac arrest is described. Before and after a cold ischemic period (induced with St. Thomas' cardioplegic solution) of 30 min, hemodynamic and metabolic variables were assessed in a group of 13 hearts perfused with a modified Krebs-Henseleit solution and in a group of 13(More)