Friedrich W Lohmann

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1. In 9 male hypertensives the influence of a long-term cardioselective (200 mg Metoprolol) and non-cardioselective (15 mg Pindolol) beta-receptor blockade on the blood pressure, O2-uptake and carbohydrate metabolism was investigated at rest and during a short (6 min, 100 Watt), long (30 min under steady-state conditions with a heart rate of 130/min) and(More)
BACKGROUND Blank cartridge handguns are generally underestimated in their capacity to inflict serious and potentially life threatening injuries. The predominant reasons for these injuries are suicide or suicide attempts, followed by accidental injuries. METHODS A series of 26 gas gunshots to the neurocranium is presented. The injury pattern relevant to(More)
The effects of 4-week periods of treatment, with equivalent doses of acebutolol (500 mg daily) and pindolol (15 mg daily), on plasma noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine, and oxygen uptake at rest, during submaximal steady-state exercise and maximal exercise, and 5 min after exercise, were studied in 11 moderately hypertensive men aged 26-40 years, using(More)
The effect of four weeks and 15 months of treatment with the cardioselective beta-receptor antagonist metoprolol on blood pressures, plasma noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine at rest, during submaximal steady state and near maximal exercise, as well as five minutes after exercise, was studied in seven moderately hypertensive men aged 25 to 51 years.(More)
Beta-receptor antagonists lower exercise heart rate and cardiac output, and can thus be expected to interfere with oxygen transport, and hence physical performance, particularly at higher levels of activity. Therefore, the effects of a 4-week and 15-month treatment period with the beta 1-selective receptor blocker acebutolol (500 mg daily) on oxygen uptake(More)
Neither beta-1-selective Blockers nor combined beta-1-beta-2-receptor blockers reduce the oxygen uptake in the submaximal performance range as the stroke volume as well as the arterio-venous oxygen difference increase adaptively. However, there is a reduction of maximal oxygen uptake under combined beta-receptor blockers at maximum performance conditions,(More)
OBJECTIVE Computer aided navigation systems have been introduced to optimize the neurosurgical strategies minimizing the damage to the healthy brain tissue. As the loss of cerebrospinal fluid and surgical manipulation alter the position of the lesion in the external reference system, there is a risk of being misguided to deep seated brain tumors. In this(More)