Friedrich Vogel

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The genetic basis of retinoblastoma is reviewed and the following conclusions are drawn: 1) The mode of inheritance of the hereditary variety of retinoblastoma (R) is autosomal dominant with about 90% penetrance. 2) About 68% of inherited cases are bilateral, and about 32%, unilateral. There is an intrafamilial correlation between penetrance as measured by(More)
This paper has two parts. The first one is theoretical, whereas in the second, some experimenteal results are reported. Part 1: Theoretical Considerations. Comings' considerations on an ordered arrangement of chromatin in the interphase nucleus are used as a basis for further investigations and calculations in order to establish a preliminary model of the(More)
Interpretation of the results from psychological examinations of 298 probands with inherited EEG variants requires (1) critical evaluation of previous literature on psychological EEG correlates, (2) knowledge of the main concepts and experimental approaches for elucidating the basic mechanisms of EEG rhythms, (3) discussion of previous attempts to link(More)
The problem of non-randomness of point mutations was reexamined using three sources of information: (1) Amino acid replacements in phylogenetically related proteins; (2) Hemoglobin variants observed in the present-day human population; (3) Base replacements in related RNA species. Amino acid replacements in phylogenetically related proteins; Hemoglobin(More)
The studied phenotype, the low-voltage electroencephalogram (LVEEG), is characterized by the absence of an alpha rhythm from the resting EEG. In previous studies, evidence was found for a simple autosomal-dominant mode of inheritance of the LVEEG. Such a polymorphism in brain function can be used as a research model for the stepwise elucidation of the(More)
Using information from human hemoglobin variants, different hemoglobin chains, cytochrome c, insulin molecules, labile parts of humanγ-globulin, (ϰ-, λ-, and H-chains) and tobacco mosaic virus coat proteins, some aspects of point mutations were examined. The main results: 1. All recent hemoglobin variants characterized by one amino acid substitution can be(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that the high prevalence of the mar(X) syndrome is caused by a high mutation rate in male germ cells only, the fraction of new mutants among mothers of probands in 112 informative families has been examined by segregation analysis among their brothers and sisters. The estimated fraction of new mutants among these mothers is(More)
The population genetics of unequal crossing over was examined for an infinite population with random mating. The following cases were considered: 1. There is an initial portion of duplicated genes which offer the opportunity for unequal crossing over, but the primary event leading to the duplication does not occur any more (model 1a). 2. This primary event(More)
Oranizational forms and the current status of genetic counseling within the health care system of 15 European countries were evaluated by questionnaire and at a symposium, with individuals present from Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands,(More)